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The power of Christ compels you! Not!

Harvard medical school has completed a double-blind study on heart surgery patients. The focus of this study was to determine whether third party prayin' would aid in the recovery of said patients. There were three groups of patients in the study. Group 1 knew some people were praying for them; Group 2 knew nobody was praying for them, and Group 3 had a group praying for them but were blissfully unaware of the attention. For group 1, 52% of the patients suffered post-op complications. For group 2, 51% suffered problems. And for group 3, 59% suffered post-op complications. The score: prayer 0, bacterial contaminents 3.

After reading about this, I have several questions, but this is my first: Who the hell funds such a useless study? Is this where the money which used to go towards stem cell research is heading? Multi-year clinical trial at Harvard University??????? Arrghhhhh!!!!

My second question: Which god were the prayers directed towards? How can we know that the Power Of Prayer (POP) is ineffective if we don't have this vital information? I meekly suggest, with tongue firmly in cheek, that this study be repeated for every major, minor, and possible future religion until the One True God (OTG) is statistically identified. Once the POP medical study correctly identifies the OTG, we can put an end to all the silly religious wars between Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs and finally join together as one world to worship Loki in peace and harmony. Or the Invisible Pink Unicorn, if I'm wrong about Loki. It's gotta be one of those two.

I'd like to thank Ganeesh for personally curing my athlete's foot.

Might I suggest a minor modification to what you have unwittingly started "Most Reverend" Briguy? May we change the moniker of the One True God to The Only God, so we ca begin worshipping TOG?

Unless of course it turns out to be a pantheon, in which case we can begin to worship CFOG (Cluster Fuck Of Gods)...

What about gods in the whole dungeons and dragons pantheon? I mean, is it really fair to leave out the ones that have been made up only recently, as opposed to the ones who were made up long enough ago to have a backstory?

Pick any god/pantheon you want, guys. I strongly suspect that any Republican grant money will support research into only a couple of possibilities, though.

Umm, a couple?

This doesn't look like a power of prayer experiment, it looks like an experiment designed to the see the impact of positive mental attitudes on recovery and healing.

If it were a power of prayer test it would those praying who were denied certain information.

I don't think the Repubs would be too hot on funding experiments where people prayed to Allah or Vishnu, Kev. Just a guess.

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