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Good cop, bad cop?

Sobey's announced (through an anonymous Halifax-area manager) that they are planning to continue opening their stores on Sundays. This despite the government's silly "protect Pete's!" law, designed specifically to stop the Superstore and Sobey's from opening on Sundays. Like most Haligonians, I'm happy to see Sobey's challenging the validity of the law, but unlike some, I smell a rat.

I think the Conservatives and Sobey's have some sort of gentlemenly agreement going on, and have worked out this plan in advance. The conversation probably went something like this:

Rodney: "I can't let you open on Sundays, my rural base would hang me by the balls."

Donald Sobey: "Well, how about this plan? We open for a couple of Sundays. You act all huffy and come up with a solution that will easily be struck down by a court challenge."

Rodney: "That sounds good in theory, but what kind of legislation could I introduce that would be struck down so readily?"

Donald (snaps his fingers): "George! Bring me the papers! Rodney, I've taken the liberty of drafting something up for you. Take it to the Legislature, won't you? It basically says 'anyone who's not Sobey's or the Superstore can continue to violate the spirit of the law in the same way as they always have. Tough titties to Sobey's, the Superstore, and anyone else who tries to mimic Pete Luckett from now on.' There's no way this will survive a court challenge. A mentally disabled monkey would be able to throw on a lawyer's smock and get this legislation tossed."

Rodney: "Cool! I get to look like I'm doing something, and keep my rural base happy. You get to stay open, and actually improve your standing as a corporate citizen in the various urban cores. It's win-win!"

Disclaimer: The above is a fictional representation of a conversation which may or may not have taken place during a round of golf at Fox Harbour. Any similarities to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental (or perhaps the result of inductive reasoning), and should not be taken as the literal truth.

I would be very interested in seeing the answer to Kevvy's political contribution question below, if only to see whether Donald or Bob Loblaw are in bed with the provincial Conservatives. I do know that Donald supports the federal Liberals (specifically Scott Brison), but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Sobey's butters both sides of it's political bread. I suspect that such information is available long after the election, and only to a FOI request filed with Elections Nova Scotia, but I'd be ecstatic if I were incorrect, and the information were more readily available. I wonder if Frank Magazine regularly publishes a political donors list?

As far as I know, it's fairly common practice for major corporations to donate equally to both Liberals and Conservatives, that way whoever happens to be in power owes them favours. Interesting scenario, there, and quite plausible - I'll agree with you that there's no way this is going to survive a court challenge, irregardless of what Rodney might be blustering. As a matter of fact, that was the process that came about in Newfoundland - the Government of the day took one business to court 3 times, and lost each time.

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It's Fox Harb'r. If you're going to capture the air, you have to get the pretention right.

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