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I don't know if this is real or not

If it's not real, it's great satire, precisely because it is quite believable. For those who choose not to click, the video purports to be showing dive training camp for the Italian national team.

Edit: Actually, I'm wrong about this being the Italian National Team. It's reportedly Chelsea.

You are too right, my friend. Too right indeed.

I saw the incident leading to the penalty kick. Though, the italians are very well practiced in diving, I felt that the fall was legit, HOWEVER, the Aussie did not foul him in any way. It was a simple case of tripping over a prone body. The "ref" made a grievous error most likely costing the Aussies a win as they were steadily getting better as the game progressed.
Of course, the italians simply took this great stroke of luck (paid for or not) and won the game.
I know Bri had suggested video replay earlier. I think in this case, where a penalty kick is to be awarded, video replay may be used.

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