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Peru elects worst president ever

No, I'm not predicting the future (or at least I hope I'm not, for the sake of the people in Peru). Peru has just re-elected the same man who was president from 1985-1990. He singlehandedly destroyed Peru's economy back then.

"In economic terms, his government was the worst ever in Peruvian history," said Lima economist, Fritz du Bois. "He has become by default the candidate of the business community, the markets and the middle classes.

A-hahaha. ha. ha. Why is he the default? Because the other candidate is backed by the immensely successful, coup-proof, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The impalas would rather place their heads in the lion's mouth than listen to what the zebra has to say. Madness.

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
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