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Poll reveals that 9% of Americans think that the purpose of the Iraq War is to kill US troops

Either that or 9% of the US population are idiots. Or, I suppose 9% of them work for KBR, Bechtel, or Haliburton.

A CNN poll just published indicates that 9% of Americans cling to the belief that the mission in Iraq has indeed been "accomplished". This indicates that there is in all likelihood a different definition of the word "accomplished" in use that I'm unfamiliar with.

1 : to bring about (a result) by effort
2 : to bring to completion : FULFILL
3 : to succeed in reaching (a stage in a progression)
4 archaic a : to equip thoroughly b : PERFECT
5 :a : to fall short b : to be or become absent or inadequate c : to be unsuccessful (as in passing an examination) d : to become bankrupt or insolvent

Oh, I see the problem, they inserted one of the definitions of "fail" into their definition of 'accomplish" in their dictionary. I knew it had to be something easy to fix like that - phew!

Other results of the poll indicate that 40% believe that the mission will be accomplished someday. To put this into more common English, the "mission", the goals of which were based on lies about WMDs and purported links to terrorism and al Qaeda, will soon be accomplished. Further paraphrasing: the mission, at great real cost, will soon attain its imaginary goal.

How silly of me, Bush won the election in '04 - the mission was totally accomplished. That 9% is just way ahead of the curve, that's all!

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