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Disgraced Enron founder Lay dead

That actually is the title to the CBC headline - though it is a little hard to not make the name sound a little funny in a grim sort of way.

So now that Kenny-boy is gone, I wonder if the Whitehouse flags might not dip a little low, at least in private rememberance of cheques received and services rendered? Ah, the good old days!

From the CBC report:

Lay, who was 64, died of a heart attack at a family home in Aspen, Col. Lay's pastor and lawyer both confirmed his passing.

I presume one confirmation came from the guardian of his soul and the other from the guardian of his image - I'll leave the reader to figure out which is which. I have my own idea, but I've been told I'm cynical.

Be prepared for the inevitable outporing of grief and the reports on the great philanthropic things he did with his money. You might not hear too much about how he bent Congress and the Senate over in order to shove de-regulation of the electrical industy into California and Pennsylvania and how it nearly bankrupted one of the country's most populous states. And then how he and his conspirators snuck their money out of the company when they knew, but their other shareholders didn't, that the company wasn't worth a red cent and all hell was about to break loose. Remember these, as they likely won't be mentioned in the eulogy.

I think it's worth remembering these things as the pious intoning begins. Respecting the dead is all well and good, but let's save it for those that are deserving of it.

Actually, I would think that rather than putting the flags at half-mast, GeorgieCo are probably heaving a huge sigh of relief, since it means that like a good soldier, Ken Lay took his secrets to the grave.

It's interesting that when Matt Drudge first ran this story today, he called it a suicide and then changed his story shortly after. Plus, there's already rumours floating about the Net that George had him whacked - personally, I doubt it, but it will be interesting to see if Skilling makes it to the sentencing hearing...

Let's begin the conspiracy theories now! I'm going to branch off from Dan's theory and suggest that Mr. Lay is alive and well and living in the Caymans. Medical examiners can be bought, after all. ;)

Bri - you forgot to mention that he has the cabin next to Elvis, and that Bat Boy is their personal manservant.

His 'memorial' service was today. He was cremated, and the eulogist compared him to Jesus. Need I say more? :)

Are you serious?

Not about him being on a Cayman Island. But yes, he was compared to Jesus (and another martyr, IIRC. Maybe Martin Luther King?).

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