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If Palestinian kids idolize suicide bombers...

what do Israeli kids idolize?

Apparently artillery.

The next time I hear someone claim that Islam is a religion of war / death / destruction, I think I'll scream. What do you think these pretty little Israeli girls are writing on the shells that are about to be lobbed over the border and into perhaps a Beirut apartment building? And is that a proud looking mom in the background or what?

[Update - a commentor pointed me to this - apparently the kids were egged on by their parents to do this. I'm not sure that this makes things any better or worse. It's still unsettling.]

How utterly awful. Further illustrates the point made so well by Thomas Friedman: Nobody wears the "white hat" in the region.

The difference is the shells the young girl is signing are to be sent after the suicide bombers as a deterent for more suicide bombers, little girls in Israel dont sign bombs so they can be sent to kill people somewhere in the world just because they are not Jewish, your right, no one wears a white hat in the Middle East, but you'd have to be completely devoid of any common sense not to see the difference.

What is the technical difference between someone killed by a suicide bomber and one killed by military ordinance? As far as I can tell, they are both equally dead. Killing civilian populations as a means to a military or political end is as old as war. Whether or not the killer wears a uniform makes no difference one way or another. Suicide bombing is merely a tactic used by a poorly-armed aggressor to do what a well-armed one would do with a machine.

(For what it's worth, during this Intifadah there have been an estimated 3,500 Palestinians killed, most of whom were civilians, versus 1,000 Israelis, again most of whom were civilians.)

Sorry, but I do not see a real difference; and I don't think that I am devoid of common sense. As Robert says, and you nod to, there are no white hats. That means none.

Context. Context. Context.


Oh, are those smart artillery shells? So there's no chance they'll take out any innocent people?

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