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Javis Roberts to open Masturbation Club For Men

Javis Roberts might just be starting to get the hint that a strip club in north end Dartmouth is not such a good idea. After losing his liquor license for 45 days yesterday, he has said that The Den Masturbatorium will open as a private club. No liquor will be served, however if (throbbing) members would like to bring their own, they are more than welcome to do so.

In his announcement today, Roberts suggested that he might re-establish the business elsewhere in HRM - perhaps Burnside, "somewhere where there ain't no neighbours", in his own artful words. If he ever does look back on this whole sordid affair, and there is no evidence in his past business dealings that he will do so without a court order, he will find that this is exactly what he was fucking told to do back when he opened up the Sensations Shithole Cabaret in the first place.

For the neighbours of this fine establishment and it's even finer proprietor, this must be starting to feel like the end... finally.

Goodbye, fucky.

As you said before, you have to admire the guy's tenacity, even as we question his morality and his sanity. There are tapeworms that would've quit by now...

What I find more interesting is his threat to turn it over to a group that will run it as a swinger's club, since there's already a Supreme Court decision protecting those, and if they don't serve alcohol, I don't know what the Utilities Review Board can do to stop it.

That would be his last "fuck you" to the locals, so I wouldn't put it past him, Dan.

Well, true, I wouldn't put it past him either. But the point I was trying to make was that if it's sold to someone who turns it into a private swingers' club, it changes the dynamics a bit. If we're not talking about a lice sed establishment that attracts prostitution and drug use around the establishment, where the activity is kept inside the building, than any complaints from the neighbours become less a 'safety from a criminal element' argument and more a 'we don't want these sort of people in our neighbourhood' thing - which is a bit more problematic to me.

It would be interesting to see what the locals would say about such an establishment. The concerns until now have been related to what goes on outside the building; that might change, true.

I would find it hard to believe he'd abandon his current 'clientele' at this point.

Not that his 45 day suspension won't help ... certainly it will.

As for a swingers club, well, that wouldn't surprise me. Although he'd have a tough time wrestling the swinger business away from the Burnside Motel.

Personally, I'm not surprised by anything this jerkoff does. Every time he's ruled against, he sinks even lower. It must make him feel good in a perverse way.

This is why we didn't want him in the neighbourhood to begin with.

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