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Rush Limbaugh does it again...

Rush: Hey, is that my dick? [Stomp!]

As Billmon notes, Limbaugh's comments on the Michael J. Fox stem cell ad has changed the debate on stem cells by making it more human:
Rush, in his infinite wisdom, has now ensured that the issue isn't abortion. It isn't even stem cells. Now it's all about Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson's Disease -- which is exactly how you don't want it framed if you're the GOP candidates in those races (or a supporter of Missouri's proposed constitutional ban on stem cell research.)

I don't know where Limbaugh got the idea that telling scurrilous lies about one of America's favorite celebrities -- and someone who enjoys a huge amount of public sympathy to boot -- was a shrewd political move. But the Dems should be damned glad he did. Considering how razor-close the Missouri race appears to be, Rush may have just single-handedly booted away a Republican Senate seat.

For those that haven't seen it, here is the ad in question.

"Rush may have just single-handedly booted away a Republican Senate seat."

Who knew evil could be used for good!

We may have to revise the traditional wisdom: in this case, it only took a single wrong to make a right (I hope!).

Aw, Rush is just miffed that stem-cell research would take funding away from what's always been his dream - an Oxycontin that can be administered via Gravy....


I'm glad I wasn't eating when I read that!

Katie Couric's interview with Michael J Fox is a good watch, not for KC, but for MJF. He's articulate, warm, positive on the issues, doesn't go negative, allows people with opposing perspective to have their say. He's interested in the debate, because he feels his position will stand up under the lens of honest debate.

Stem Cell Opponents To Air Celebrity Ad, To Rebut Ad Featuring Michael J. Fox, World Series Pitcher Speaks Out Against Missouri Amendment - CBS News

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