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The Frogs Will Fall from the Sky Any Moment...

I can't believe I'm the one breaking this on the 'Kog, but:

Rumsfeld just resigned?


Hey Flash,
I have been away from the computer all day - seminars at work.

The Rumsfeld resignation is not really a surprise given last night's results. If the Dems manage to take the Senate, which might take a month to determine, then his head would be only the start of the things Bush would have to provide to get anything done at all. Not that this administration has done a lot, but you know.

Now to see what exactly the Democrats' stand will be on Iraq and just what they can get accomplished.

What I find interesting is that in the space of one week George went from 'Rumsfeld's doing a heckuva job, he's my go-to guy for the next two years' to 'he's resigned, and I've got his replacement'. Somebody's lying to the American public somewhere... But seriously, wouldn't it suck to be one of the Republican imcumbents who got defeated by a few points, looking at the press conference and asking, 'Why couldn't you have done this 2 months ago?"

Does anyone know the new guy's position? He was the head of the CIA for a while, so I don't expect much different overall. But maybe, just maybe, he's the type who'll listen to military experts on items that are, well, military in nature. Unlike Mr. Greet-us-with-flowers.

I knew I could count on you guys.

Perhaps Rumsfeld poetry would be of interest to you. I got a kick out of it.

Thanks for the Rummy poetry link. I remember reading the original article a few years ago and loved it!

it is called defenestration

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