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Where does Brison go now?

I just noticed an article in today's Herald mentioning Scott Brison as a potential candidate in the upcoming Nova Scotia Liberal Party leadership convention. This of course forces one to ask "how many parties can Brison run for leadership in? Barring a move to provincial politics, it's hard to see any room for him in the NDP or Greens, but that doesn't rule out forming his own party. The Brison Party of Canada has a pretty nice ring to it!

Do you think he could win?

Is the Natural Law Party still around? Seriously, though, Scott might want to take a look at it - after supporting Rae, then Iggy, Scott can't be one of Stephane's Christmas Card List right now. Plus, the way Russell and the Tories keep screwing up, I'd say the next election's just around the corner, and it looks good for a change of government...

Who is this Russell?

My apologies, I meant Rodney MacDonald...

You're confusing Russell MacLellan and Rodney MacDonald. It's understandable, really. Neither one can find his ass with two hands and a map.

They are obviously subscribing to the wrong ass-mapping service. Which hemisphere is up on an ass-map, anyway? It it a Mercator ass-projection? Is "here there be dragons" printed anywhere on it?

Just me earning my money by thinking the complex thoughts...

I think it would be a polar assimuthal.

Ba dum bum... zing!

Between you guys and Jack Layton's 'Big Ass' question in Parliament yesterday, this seems apropos

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