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The sad, strange tale of Peggy Draper...

...continues to unspool before us. All has been quiet on the Halifax Regional School Board scene for the past few weeks, so you knew something had to turn up soon.

Today it appears that one-time Bedford-Fall River Board representative Peggy Draper has been arrested on "multiple charges of theft and fraud over $5,000", possibly related to complaints made against her by Joan Robillard, a former colleague, who, surprisingly has never served on the school board.

In case you haven't been keeping your score card up to date, Ms. Draper was punted from the board in February for missing too many meetings. Not only that, in an incident that appears endemic to this board, she also declared bankruptcy in 2002 and, against the rules, did not declare it to the Board. This resulted in a group of fellow board members, and apparently supporters, leaving the meeting, causing the second monthly meeting in a row to be cancelled for lack of quorum. The previous meeting adjourned when member Doug Sparks refused to take his seat in the new seating arrangement.

As of now, there has been no announcement from the HRM police regarding the case.

I know that I am not as cynical as other members of this group, however, let me be the first to say that I am not surprised by these events. Nor would I be surprisd that many if not all of the remaining members of the board have their own scams of theft or fraud running but have not been caught yet.
To put in a conspiracy theory onto the forum, What would you think to the idea that Peggy was "punted" because she would not share her "profits" with the other members? When she put up a fight, someone snitched on her. Food for thought.

Former Halifax regional School board teacher,

Hmmm, that is quite the theory! Worthy, indeed, particularly since one of the charges against her was that she didn't pay a fellow member the $10,000 she owed him after promising "you lend me $10,000, I'll pay you back $50,000".

First thoughts that crossed my mind about that little "deal" was: two idiots.

Well, if I can be said to be cynical - it's especially true when it comes to 'conspiracy theories'. With that in mind, I'm inclined to believe the original story that she was punted for missing meetings. OTOH, the original story way back when said that the meeting ended when 5 other board members walked out with Peggy Draper - those guys should have their finances questioned. When are the next school board elections, anyway?

I do know my group well, and I pruposely called it a conspiracy theory knowing full well that I had no real evidence to back up my idea and I thought it would be more for fun/food for thought.
That little "$10 grand for $50 grand" deal stinks of illegal activity. That is something that would throw up warning flags under the too-good-to-be-true scam. Thus realizing your conclusion of: two idiots.

I am very curious to see the outcome of this investigation.

On another note, has the school board done anything constructive since the province had stepped in?

Paul, can't say if they've done anything yet. They've actually had a meeting, which is something. I think they're trying to find a new Chair right now and couldn't at first crack.

Go figure.

Glad to see your tax dollars in action! If they can't come up with a majority vote they can simply put their names in a hat and draw out the chairperson. I am sure everyone on that board is equally competent (or incompetent) for the position. Even children (the students whom these beaucrats are responsible for guiding these children's education) can figure a quick solution faster.

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