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We get our information from responsible places - like the 700 Club!

Dan has in the past posted the odd, truly numbing post from the ultra-right for a laugh. Now it's my turn (thanks to the fine people at Smirking Chimp).

Liberal media Bush haters
Somehow, the general media (liberal) hasn't figured out yet that when we voted President George Bush in for a second term, we voted out the general media. We get our information from Christian talk shows or "The 700 Club," who are ultimately responsible to God.

Recently, Georges Sada, Saddam's top military advisor, was on "The 700 Club" and stated that Saddam did have WMDs and they were all moved to Damascus, Syria, in 2002, including the labs to set them up. I have found none of the liberal media picking this up because they basically are Bush haters.

Therefore, the reading of the liberal media has fallen to probably the lowest percentage ever.

I'm at a loss as to where to begin - there's a little bit of everything here. There is the requisite attack on the "liberal media", but this time with a twist - it got "voted out" when they elected Bush. Because, well, he doesn't read the papers, right? Stephen Harper has been taking notes, I think - he seems to believe that the media got voted out when a minority of Canadians voted for him, too.

And there's even some moral fulmination about the mythical WMD's to help the Christian Right feel justified in their hankering for Arab blood. So long as there is a haystack left to look under they can still play the potential victim card.

And that last statement, well I say that it's pretty safe to say that we can generalize it a little bit further and say that reading has gone by the wayside almost altogether.

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