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Bill C-208

Peter Stoffer has re-introduced floor-crossing legislation, Bill C-208, which would immediately result in a byelection should a member cross the floor. The last time around the votes split this way:

I have a sneaky suspicion that Maria Minna, the only Liberal to vote in favour of Bill C-251 might have some more company from her benchmates. What will be more interesting is to see where the Conservatives who voted Yes last time when it was Car-Parts Girl was the issue-du-jour. They are:

Rona Ambrose
Rob Anders
James Bezan
Gord Brown
Rick Casson
John Cummins
Barry Devolin
Ken Epp
Diane Finley
Gary Goodyear
Nina Grewal
Helena Guergis
Richard Harris
Russ Hiebert
Jay Hill
Brian Jean
Randy Kamp
Gerald Keddy
Daryl Kramp
Tom Lukiwski
James Lunney
Rob Merrifield
Larry Miller
Bob Mills
Bev Oda
Pierre Poilievre
Joe Preston
James Rajotte
Carol Skelton
Joy Smith
Myron Thompson
David Tilson
Bradley Trost
Maurice Vellacott
Jeff Watson
Lynne Yelich

The list is good. I await the vote with bated breath, and my hypocrisy meter set to stun(ned).

When does this go to a vote?

I honestly don't know my way around the Parliament of Canada website well enough yet to have that at my fingertips. I don't know if it even has been scheduled. Here is the spot in Hansard where it got read in, for what it's worth.

I was speaking to a parliamentarian about this issue on Friday (a friendly MP happened to be at an Emerson event, and spoke to us pro democracy folks afterwards) - sounds like very little is known of the schedule.


I support the new legislation, and you'll find that groups such as the http://emersoncampaign.ca/ and http://realdemocracy.ca/ are firmly behind any floor crossing prohibition legislation and will be lobbying for same.

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