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Times are good for those for whom times are good

Ah, to be an American millionaire! Could there be a better time to be one? Not if this reported analysis of IRS data is any indication. On average, Bush's 2003 tax investment tax cuts produced tax savings of $500,000 for those with an income greater than $10,000,000. And what's more, those with incomes of $26 million paid the same share of their income to taxes as those making $200,000 - it's almost the flat-tax nirvana the conservatives dweebs like the NCC have been stroking themselves dreaming about for years.

What's more, as the article goes on to state:

even the merely well-off, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, are falling behind the very wealthiest, particularly because another levy, the alternative minimum tax, now costs many of them thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost deductions.
Wow, even the merely rich aren't doing so hot!

So, are we seeing the true shredding of the middle class in the US? The middle class that is necessary for a functioning democracy?

Your headline reminds me of an idea I had for a brand of cigarettes called Smoker's Choice. The slogan would be "Smoker's Choice smokers choose Smoker's Choice smokes to smoke."

I like it!

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