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Sometimes the Irony is Just Too Delicious

The Creationist Theme Park known as Dinosaur Adventure Land may have to close after a judge ruled that the park, which shows how dinosaurs roamed the earth a mere few thousand years ago, failed to obtain the proper building permits. The owners of the park have argued that getting the permits 'violates their deeply held religious beliefs' (why is it that the Religious Right get upset at 'separation of Church and State' when it comes to prayers in school or Ten Commandment statues in courthouses, but when it comes to paying taxes or obtaining goverment permits - they're all for it?)

Best quote:
Scripture also says 'Render unto Caesar what Caesar demands.' And right now, Caesar demands a building permit," County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead said.

This is great, Dan! I actually went poking around the park's website and it's great! They apparently just had a "Home School Appreciation Day", because naturally you can't trust those public schools with all that "evolution" heresy. Also, they cleverly named April 1st "Darwin Day"! Oh those creationists!

And right now, Caesar demands a building permit," County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead said.

Heh heh heh. My laugh for this morning.

I can't handle these creationists/ID'ists anymore. Their whole premise rests on the non-existence of observable phenomena. We have to stop indulging them and they have to be marginalised within discussions of science and science education. Also, they lie a lot.

I got a chuckle out of that permit jab too. The backflips those young earth creationists go through to distort others' view of the world is truely sickening. If only they'd put as much energy into education of children instead of brainwashing, and the south would be a better place.
I happened to write about ID the other day if you're interested in the latest molecular biology discovery, and another nail in the coffin for ID.

I need to make a t-shirt out of that quote...beautiful.

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