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American kids couldn't find their a$$ with two hands and a...

...hey, what's a map?

A Roper poll conducted for National Geographic has reiterated the woeful state of geographic knowledge of American school kids. The full report is not yet on the web, but you can read an AP summary here. The report reveals that even after Hurricane Katrina, a third of students could not find Louisianna and one half could not find Mississippi on a map.

What's worse, less than 30% felt it important to know where nations in the news are on the map. That would explain the 75% that could not find Israel, but the 60% that couldn't find Iraq might be in for a rude shock.

Thats sad. I'm not too sure we can brag...2 years ago 62% of graduating high school students in Ontario could not pass a simple literacy test...I have a daughter who is graduating high school this year with little to no geography or history knowledge....Ortona, Dieppe and D-Day are bands to her...and thats even sadder.

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