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Budweiser - the official chilled cat piss of the World Cup of Soccer

In what can only be described as a travesty, FIFA accepted $40 million (US) from Anheuser-Busch to make Budweiser the official "beer" of this year's World Cup. I could understand this if the World Cup was being held in the US or in a country that didn't actually know about "beer", but this is Germany, land of Bavaria and Munich, of Oktoberfest.

The only possible explanation is that FIFA is trying to cut down on drunken soccer riots by providing only half-malted cat piss in the stands. Or that it's trying to defang potential national rivalries by giving everyone in the stands something to hate that they can unite behind. Or, that it's simply all about the money. Oh yeah, there's that.

I guess it's BYOB - game on!

What I find particularly sad is the fact that there is a Czech beer also called Budweiser (pronounced bood-vy-zer), from which rumour has it the US name was taken, which was an absolutely fantastic beer when I had it in Germany in 1992. There is absolutely no comparison - if I could have, I would have brought some back with me.

The American company actually took the Czech one to court over the use of the name a couple of years ago -> and surprisingly lost. At the World Cup Budweiser has to clearly referred to as "Bud" or "Anheiser Busch Budweiser".

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