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The Conservatives announce the launch of silly season...

Silly season is soon upon us, people, with Harper insisting on re-opening the same-sex marriage debate in the fall. To that end, in order to inure you from the stupidity that is about to befall upon in the late summer (barbecue season out west, light rainy period here in the east), I think it's best to point you to the debate as it proceeds in the US. For those who think that a little foretaste will help stem the spread of the poison in your system, the Family Research Council has it's rosary beads in knots over the recent defeat of the bill in Senate and are spouting shit like "Today the U.S. Senate voted against marriage and against the American people".

I know that Stephen Harper has jammed his size-8 penny loafers in the mouths of his caucus and has managed to "control the message" til now. However, is it possible that he thinks he's going to be able to shut up the caucus through this doomed-to-fail "conscience" vote? Does he honestly think that no one is going to look like a reactionary idiot before this ends, and that the vote itself isn't going to become fodder for the opposition next election?

Or is he betting that Canadians are going to fall for this defense of family religious paranoia doctrine?

Naturally, down south the defense of the family only goes for family values, not the actual family, as the reaction of the self-same Family Research Council to the news of a vaccine for the Human Papilloma virus this week shows. The skinny on this one -> teenage girls will have more sex now that there is a vaccine for HPv because the reason they're not doing it now is that, ohmygod! everyone knows sex causes cancer.

Actually, Kev, what Harper's having Parliament vote on is not same-sex marriage per se - it's on whether the MP's want to revisit the issue. Considering that some fairly prominent Cabinet Ministers, such as Loyola Hearn, David Emerson, and Peter MacKay, have already publicly said they see no reason to do so, and considering the tight leash Harper has on said Ministers, my guess is that Harper expects this vote to fail, he's just doing it to fulfill the promise he made to hold a vote, with the added bonus of creating another split in the Liberal Party before the Leadership convention.

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