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Ah nature, the bitterest of enemies!

I know war isn't funny, but that doesn't mean funny things can't happen every now and then. According to this article, the Canadian forces in Afghanistan are having difficulties battling Afghan troops hiding inside marijuana forests. First, I must pause for a moment at the image of such a thing...

There, I'm back. It appears that marijuana plants absorb a tremendous amount of heat and makes it difficult to detect people and vehicles by thermal signature. This is being used to great effect in some areas by the Taliban. Also, because plants are very green and hold a lot of water, they are difficult to burn, and when the troops did burn some of them, a group of downwind soldiers experience "ill effects and decided that was probably not the right course of action."

I wonder if the Tim Horton's in Kandahar has had a run on double chocolate?

Quickly, round up the Trailer Park Boys!

Don't you mean whether Tims had a run on Timbits?

Hmm... Timbits.

Actually, when I'm, uh, under the influence, I crace chips. I mean way back when, and I didn't inhale, but...

Ill effects my ass. Holding the downwind position probably brought more volunteers than that unit has ever seen.

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