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Spreading democracy, one dead voter at a time...

Johns Hopkins University researchers have just released a study that estimates civilian deaths in Iraq since the beginning of the war to be between 400,000 and 800,000. The study estimates the death toll based on interviews with nearly 2,000 families from around Iraq and extrapolates to the rest of the country. It may be inaccurate, it may be high, but as the article notes, now that the morgues are no longer allowed to give out mortality statistics, it is the only number we have to work with.

Now I need a hug.

The actual study says it's 100,000. That's still very high, but I wonder why it was reported as 400,000-800,000 at the site you refeenced.

anon: If you look at the date, the 100,000 casualty number is from their study in 2004. It's one of the first hits that come up when I searched for more information on Google, so I understand the mistake. The new study is not yet posted on their website, but the number that I quoted is widely being reported as ~ 600,000 +/- ~200,000.

I tried to find the original study to link to, but it doesn't look to be on their site yet.

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