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Norman Spector: Asshole

I don't really care that he called Belinda Stronach a bitch, as she has proven that she can defend herself from piss-ants like him and Peter MacKay. However, Spector then went on to say that the MacKay remarks would not have been an issue for so long if it weren't for the fact that "half the Press Gallery now are women and women find this very offensive". So the real issue for him is that women are getting just a little too close to the Old Boys' Club; revealing comments from a political has-been.

It's fun to watch these low-self-esteem shrimp-dicks fall apart when faced with a strong, (apparently) capable woman.

I'm with you Kevvyd. BS doesn't need me or anyone else defending her from being called a bitch, but Spector is an example of what is wrong with the angry CPoC...

It's almost as if they are in a race to see who can achieve Neanderthal in the least amount of time.

It's not the 50% female that's a problem. It's the 80% Liberal media that's a problem. Just go to the Press Gallery website and check out who is a member. Out of 400 or so members, over 50% are from CBC, never mind the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, etc.

Loooolllllz @ the Liberal Media Bias. Damn their eyes for repeating what was said in session. We should probably bomb CPAC headquarters as retaliation.

Briguy - I know, the obsession with the "Liberal Media" kills me! It's funny, when the Conservatives are in power, it's "Liberal media this, Liberal media that", but when the Liberals are in power and CBC radio is on endlessly about Gomery, you don't hear a peep.

Selective hearing/reading/seeing is beautiful thing.

Have a listen to the actual clip:


anon2: thanks for posting the clip!

Why is BS more to blame than TD? Men can't be expected to control their little head?
This wasn't the first time he'd strayed.

Jimmy Carter managed to do it right. He was tempted, but resisted temptation AFAIK.
He loved his wife, and decided their marriage was more important than short term thrills. Imagine! A man with moral principles!

Why does what BS did to PM make her a bitch? Poor political judgment, but not nearly as bad as David Emerson.

Oh, I forgot. She's a woman, and she went left, not right.

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