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Pulling wings off of flies...

I see that mid-term campaigning is in full-swing south of the border, and George Bush, in an effort to reduce complicated issues to simple two-tone signals, has picked up on the old saw that the Democrats "cut and run obstructionists" for pointing out that staying in Iraq killing and dying is somehow, um, unproductive? George is really almost pitiable in his, well, stupidity - there, I've said it. He somehow hasn't figured out that the purpose of an opposition party is to disagree with the party in power in the hope that the act of putting ideas against one another will provide a more acceptable policy than either party on their own would create. No, for George "debate" is simply criticism, and well, criticism is not productive:
Five years after 9-11, Democrats offer nothing but criticism, and obstruction and endless second guessing
Lets hope the Democrats can put together some kind of real oppostion during the next two years and do something in '08 to turn the sinking ship around. The popularity of Hilary Clinton in the DLC doesn't leave me with much hope, though...

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