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A shorter Rona Andrews...

At the UN conference on global warming, Rona Ambrose told reporters that "there is no bad guy" on climate change. Of course she's wrong, there are lots of 'em. Everyone that does nothing to improve the situation, both in policy and at home is a "bad guy". A government that sets targets and then does precious little to meet them as did our Liberal government is a "bad guy". A government that cancels most or all programs related to cutting greenhouse gas emmissions and then redirects our efforts to smog is a "bad guy".

Says the Turd Sandwich to the conference: On the environment, the Liberals were a Giant Douche.

(Edited to remove dumb-ass misteak.)

it's rona "ambrose"

The "Bad Guy" you must mean the previous govt . . . right!!!
Tell us about all these wonderful programs, about how well they suceeded, and how we were heading for our emissions target, until the nasty conservative came along and destroyed all the progress!!!
You must be smokin BC bud . . .
Here's a link to an interesting read, comments by real scientists, experts in their fields, not some flakey zoologist trying to raise money for his retirement . . .



more to read on Kyoto . . .

jeff - Thanks, I'm embarrassed.

NDip - Is my prose too turgid that you didn't catch that I think the Liberals sucked ass on the environment, too?

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out later on when I have time. If it's another one of these resource-industry funded "research" groups I won't be surprised, however...

Save yourself the trouble, Kevvy. A sample of the enlightened prose from the Religion section of the Canada Free Press, regarding the Ford Motor Company's offering diversity training to employees: "...we have a Ford that is openly endorsing a radical homosexual agenda--an agenda which is clearly anti-family.

For instance, Ford has been known to force employees to take part in so-called diversity training classes. In these classes, workers are required to accept the concept of an active homosexual lifestyle--a lifestyle which may be directly counter to their own religious and moral beliefs."
More enlightening prose on other sections, endorsing the continued use of the term "Islamofascism", and encouraging the use of the full might of the army to crush opposition.

My favourite 'objective' news item ended with: "The full might of the Eagle has yet to be unleashed.
Pray for our leaders that they may have the wisdom and direction to help us in this War on Terror."

Very objective, NDIP.
Not unlike Mein Kampf.



Edited to remove dumb-ass misteak

It's spelled "mistake" Kev, not "misteak"...

Ex-ndp, try reading things one word at a time. It should improve your comprehension level.And you still haven't answered my question.

Actually ex raises a good point. The liberal programs didn't succeed in the same way that a runner can be said to have failed because he was shot 100m from the finish line.You can't scrap a plan and replace it with something that deals with a different problem, especially when your target dates is set beyond the likely date of your death( can't hold me to account. I'm dead! ) and expect anyone to be happy with what you've done. Harper seems to be reasonably smart so maybe we can hope that he realizes that he misread the public view on this thing.

Just read the links that NDIP posted and it's indeed the same cadre of 'critics', one of whom (Tim Ball) is actually a climate researcher (retired) and is on the record as saying that global warming is a good thing. Warmer winters I'm all for, however he hasn't commented on how droughts in many of the world's agricultural heartlands is going to be a boon.

Doug - if you are inferring that the Liberal programs were well on the way to meeting our Kyoto mandate, then I'll have to disagree. The Liberals essentially did fuck all on the issue, instead spending more effort on trying to buy CO2 "credits" from countries that could do the job that they didn't have the stomach for. In my mind, the Liberals were no better than the Conservatives on this one, but they certainly were no worse, which is somehow being implied by NDIP.

One almost feels sorry for Minister Ambrose, since she seems to be a sort of automaton, a figure that moves machine like across the stage each time the button for her appearance is pushed, but really does nothing more. It is like watching a duck moving across the target line of a shooting at a fair.

But she has taken responsibility for a porogram that is truly hopeless. Nothing at all can be made out of the Clean Air Act. It is a pointless attempt to surpress action on climate change by pushing it into "air pollution" then sinking that in uncast regulation, and sinking that ,even, in consultation. We have a planetary emergency but any action must stop at the border of, say Newfoundland, or (more likely) Alberta.
All they have managed to do is to gum up the Canadian Environmental statute with definitions that make regulation almost impossible (See Section 109.3).

The only real question about the soon to depart Minister Ambrose is whether she has any idea of the cynical way in which her career has been blighted by her boss. Or maybe she is no more than the duck at the fair.

Fifth Estate is re-airing "The Denial Machine" a few times this weekend. It traces the funding provided to global warming denying scientists to, duh, big oil and then interviews them about it.
Most interesting to me was how Frank Luntz, who once helped frame the debate to deny global warming, appears at the end to say he now believes global warming is real.

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