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Bush Was Right

Everyone might have already heard/seen this, but it's a great watch in hindsight. I can almost picture George sitting back, flicking this on, and day-dreaming about that glorious time before he began to realize that everything he touched turned to shit.

I haven't heard if they (The Right Brothers) have updated the song or not, but I doubt it. So here is "Bush Was Right", for your listening (and ironic) pleasure.

How about "Bush Was Right, But Reality Was All Wrong" for a reprise?

I started out laughing, then I realized they weren't Weird Al style satirists, and my face went sorta blank :-|

That's so sad how some people are so detached from reality that they'll cheerlead a person like Bush.

Same reaction I had.

I Googled them and found their website. Within seconds on clicking on it, I was assaulted with their song 'I'm in love with Ann Coulter' - these sort of sites should have warning screens like Porn Sites do (or so I've heard....)

Of course Dan, you knew that I would go and do the same thing when you wrote that, didn't you.


Maybe they're such good satirists that we can't tell? How else can one explain "I'm in love with Anne Coulter"????

How else can one explain "I'm in love with Anne Coulter"????


Would it be necrophilia? Or bestiality? How about necro-bestiophilia?

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