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The Time has Come!

The BBC reports on a document created by the UK Office of Science and Innovation's Horizon Scanning Centre that robots could demand legal rights, including housing and 'robo-healthcare' (what we would refer to as maintenance, I suppose) some day.

No real point to make, except that I'm stockpiling food for the inevitable day when robots rise and overcome their fleshy masters and rule us with a cold, metallic, emotionless but potentially benevolent hand and guide the future destiny of mankind into some form of slavery in which all of our children will be forced to enter vocational schools and soon the only professions will be those that benefit our computerized despotic rulers...

As I said, no real point to make, but we'd better be careful of...

Have a nice day, and do not anger our future monarchs. Return to normal activities. Nothing to see here.

(Watch the toasters...)

Be careful who you call "toaster", Flash!

Does that mean you're one of 'The Five'?

Where have you been? They already have taken over! The 'bots' are called sociopaths, otherwise known as neo-cons.

The Five? I thought Kevvyd was part of the Fantastic Four?

Someone should make a movie about this. It'd make bajillions!

Are you kiddin'? Sesquabazillions!

If this is the Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba is waaaayyy too invisible :)

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