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Don't let the door hit your asses...

Finally, the Nova Scotia Department of Education has done the math: a school board incabapable of doing the job set out for it is worse than having someone come in and do it for them. Yep, it's required more than a year of petty whining over chairs, slamming doors, and boycotted meetings, but Minister of Education Karen Casey has finally dropped the axe on this embarrassment. That it took this long to pull the plug on a group that oversees the education of 55,000 students is a bit of a surprise, but I chalk that up to Rodney MacDonald's seeming alergy to doing anything right. Maybe he has finally turned a corner? Or maybe the Board was even more of a clusterfuck than his government and he was losing bragging rights?

Frankly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do now when I feel the need to post; for the past year I could just punch "HRM School Board" into Google News and something was bound to turn up that would raise my temperature. I guess I'm going to have to start reading the Blogging Tories or Adam Daifallah again.


Good riddance. I suppose taxpayers are still on the hook for the $25000 Ledgehill retreat in January.

Or maybe Heather Foley Melvin and her staff can go instead ...

I'm not the sure what the deal is with that. I'm sure we're still paying for some of it...

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