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Jumping Through Hoops

That's what parents will be doing for exercise this month, trying to figure out the Conservative government's new Child Fitness Tax Credit, cause heck, these experts can't. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine idea and kudos to the Tories for putting it through, of course it would help if they'd actually gone and given some clarity:
But guidelines on what qualifies for the children's fitness tax break don't go as far as naming activities, leaving organizations that promote sports such as golf and bowling holding their breath
Now, granted, bowling might not work up as much of a sweat as hockey, but hey, at least it gets the little darlings off the couch and doing something and let's face it, if little Johnny or Suzie is 60 kilos overweight, they're probably not going to get much joy out of hockey or soccer. All I know is it would be helpful if Peter Van Loan, Minister of Sport, had an idea what the program actually meant. Wait a minute, what am I saying - it would be helpful if Stephen Harper could tell his Minister of Sport what idea he was supposed to have.

They (Harper's ministers) have no idea about anything their job descriptions say: all orders come from Harper.
Best ask Harper specifically what each Minister is responsible for.
All I hope for is an election AFTER tax time.
So far I am seeing even conservatives are hoping for a pre-budget election. One can come from the West, but that doesn't necessarily mean you really have the guts for western disputes.
The Harper cons are qualing already, and the more information available the more they become afraid. Rightly so.

I'm interested to see what this little tax credit actually means. The only thing that I've actually is included is hockey, and then only for kids. My kids are in three or four things each year, as they come up through the local rec department - dance, gymnastics, soccer, etc. And while we're at it, I'd love to have a little rebate on the new running shoes I'm buying this weekend - these ones are going to carry me into my first marathon.

Just as a point of interest but if, to use Dan's example, your kids are 60 kilos overweight then maybe bowling is a better place to start them off than the local hockey league. From what little I know of them, unless they're of a non-competitive variety most children's sports teams aren't going to give a lot of play time to the kids that can't perform well, i.e. the obese ones. I think that these kids would be better off starting low-impact.
Trust the Conservatives to go to the store and come back with half a loaf of bread.

Will kids playing a Wii with the 'nunchuk' controller qualify? Assuming that said gaming takes place at a league level, of course.

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