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Oh, They're Committed.

Yes, the U.S. Government is truly committed to hunting down terrorism in their fair country. No expense will be spared to make sure their brave government agents get the tools they need to carry out this vital mission - unless of course, you're an FBI agent and you want an email account - cause you know, then we're talking about actual money. But of course, the U.S. Government has many important things to spend their money on - like $7.5 million to study "psychic" teleportation.

Doesn't surprise me one bit, the psychic teleportation! Did you know that since I have followed these blogs the US have spent over $6 BILLION on the Iraq thing so 7.5 million is merely a drop in the ocean. The nix/restriction on email accounts for their FBI boys sounds like a someone who is a paranoid control freak is running the show. "Oh no! we can't trust anyone... not even ourselves not even myself... eek!"

sorry for that last blab...

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