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Harper wants our input? Yeah, right.

In a stump-like speech yesterday, Stephen Harper apparently urged Canadians to "bug MPs for change", or so you would think from the headline in the linked Star article, or from some of the right-wing bloggers that didn't actually read what he said (like this guy). Let's take a look at what Harper-the-communicator actually said:
"We're going to need the active support and involvement of Canadians, our supporters and all Canadians right across this country," said Harper, reading from teleprompters.
Sor far we've got him asking for people to root for him and his friends; that's nice, we all want to know that we're loved. But here's the one that seems to fool people, notice the wording...
"We're going to need all of them writing, e-mailing, faxing and telephoning
their MPs to tell them to get on with the plan."
See? I emphasised it with italics, but I bet on the teleprompter it had capitals. It looks like he's asking people for their ideas, and that's what the Toronto Star and the bloggers are breathlessly reporting, but he's not; he's asking people to tell their MP's to get on with the plan. He's just telling us to get in line.

It is possible that this is just a semantic game, however I, and many fellow bloggers are seeing a troubling pattern emerging. We see Harper telling his own people to shut their mouths (until he gives them something to say) and then telling us that he has the right to have secret Cabinet meetings if he desires, with or without reporters present. With this in mind, we should be wary every time he spouts off like he wants input from the us - he doesn't.

Do you not remember his same-sex marriage survey that said, "Yes, I want to help you stop Same sex marriage" or "Yes, I want to learn more about Harper's stance on SSM"

He never has cared about your opinions. Just that you are in line with him.

Ah yes - "the plan". Call your MPs and ask for that and who knows what the hell will really happen?

People are trying to let their MP's know how they feel, the trouble is nobody can find Emerson and he doesn't return calls.

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