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Heckuva Interview

Good clip from the 'Colbert Report' showing an interview with Michael Brown former Head of FEMA. Warning - it's on Salon.com, you may need to watch a commercial before viewing

Best quote:
You were our scapegoat - but the goat isn't supposed to wander back into town and start pointing fingers at people

Hey Dan,

I watched this today and have to say that Brown came out looking like the incompetent toady I though he was already. On the one hand he had very little time to actually defend himself, but he spent most of the time he had just sucking up to Colbert; not a good use of his six minutes. His defense that Chernoff is now starting to make the improvements to FEMA that he tried to for two years, though without support, is compelling, however.

Hey Kev,

Yeah, trying to defend one's self by sucking up to Colbert is pretty much a waste of time - of course, I doubt he was really prepared for Colbert's questions - I've noticed that it's rare for guests on Colbert's shows to be asked easy-to-answer 'softball' questions - one of the reasons I'm starting to like the show more and more.

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