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Operation Save America... the voyage continues

There must be something in the water here at blevkog, but here's another bit of right-wing christian silliness thanks to the ever-productive comedy and overstatement team at Operation Save America. It appears that those entertaining straight men soldiers are off to fight the spread of "tolerance and friendship among all sexual orientations" at a high school in North Carolina. It seems that some upstart young high schoolers ("naive" and "willing dupes" are the terms they use) have formed a group to promote tolerance at their school - how dare they! I meant what did Christ die on the cross for other than a war on fags?

Run for your lives, because the "homosexual agenda", or as they also describe it the "lie from the pit of hell":
is not only out of the closet and parading its sin publicly in the hallways of South Rowan, it demands all bow down and be subject to it, or be sued. Friends, if we do not fight this battle now when we have a good chance of winning in Jesus' name, we may find ourselves having to fight when there is little or no hope of victory, realizing that it is better to die free than live under the bondage of homosexual slavery.

Mmmmmm... bow down...bondage of homosexual slavery... mmmmm. Oops, sorry there, lost my train of thought.

The telling bit is that the OSA loons are most offended by the fact that this organization is going directly to the kids, circumventing parents and teachers in the misguided belief that kids should learn to think for themselves. I guess if you believe in the Flying Spaggheti Monster, you're going to want your kids free from all the confusion that doubt and reality introduce. I understand.

(I mean, however would you be able to manipulate them into voting sheep for God's Own Party if they start thinking? And how are those tasty little wedge issues going to work if they start tolerating differences? And what if they start believing that the destruction of the world is not a good thing?)

If you ask me, they can't build that fence they're fantasizing about fast enough. Do you know if they're looking for donations?

Wow, very good post. I wrote something about OSA recently on my blog; you might find it interesting.

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