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The things we do for love...

Sorry, I meant "The things we do to maintain our frail grip on power".

Bernard "40-watt" Lord has pulled two little rabbits out of hats in the past month to maintain his very fragile minority government in New Brunswick. First he made Tanker Malley, an independent MLA and former Progressive Conservative, Speaker of the Legislature in order to buy his vote for the budget that barely passed. Tanker Malley, of course walked across the floor earlier this year apparently because he wanted nicer shit than the PC windshield scraper and votive candle set that everyone else got.

Now it appears he's arranged a little love-trip for himself and Frank Branch, an independent MLA and former Liberal, though neither one of them have actually come out about their relationship as of yet. The trip doesn't appear to be a honeymoon, they're not apparently that comfortable in public yet, Lord is going to Montreal to attend a premiers conference and Branch will, um, carry his bag.

Naturally, the provincial Liberal party, cynics all, don't buy my little love theory and suggest that Lord merely wants to make sure that it might be better to have Branch, who voted against the government on the budget bill, out of the province while he's away so there won't be enough Opposition MLA's to burn his House down while he's away. Liberals are so tawdry.

Spring is the season of love and beginnings...

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