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Why they don't allow cell phones in caucus

Peter Mackay: Hey guess what? We might bring hard-working Canadians a little relief and lower the gas tax.

Stephen Harper: What part of "shut up, bitch" did you not understand?

I don't know what to say. This post is too funny... and yet, it rings true.

Mackay stopped fawning over Condoleeza Rice long enought to issue a statement concerning Canada? Did she brush him off too?

This whole incident is hilarious. MacKay is Foreign Affairs...he shouldn't be making announcements, decisions or even off-the-cuff remarks about the government's position on relief for high gas prices. To do so is (and I'm being kind) simply idiotic. Does he somehow think that Harper's muzzle order doesn't apply to him, simply because he's not part of the 6000-year-old earth crowd in the party? Sorry Peter, I hate to break the news to you, but Harper wants you all to STFU unless he hands you a script.

One can only hope that other Conservative members will break ranks and say whatever pops into their wee little noggins. This sort of brilliant spontaneity is probably the only thing that can prevent a Conservative majority next time around.

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