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Glory Hallelujah, Don't That Put the Boots Right To Ya

Heaven knows I've been feeling the loss of another quote from Pat Robertson to brighten up my day, and Pat has delivered - according to Pat, God has told him that America can expect storms and possibly a tsunami to hit their coastlines this summer. These revelations on the weather came to Pat during his annual prayer retreat in January - apparently he waited 'til now to tell us cause, hey - it's not like a tsunami has the potential to be something major or anything.

Best quote:
"If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms," Robertson said May 8. Wednesday, he added, "there well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest."
What do you mean if you heard the Lord right? Are you trying to say that the Omnipotent God mumbles? Of course, since the Almighty created the Universe, that would make him 6000 years old in Pat Robertson years (That's 11.2 billion years or more to you and me, folks!) and the elderly do tend to get a little vague of speech.

Of course, why God would do this and what Pat has to gain by telling us is unknown, but the last few seconds of this might give us a clue.

Pat has been sleeping on his radio again. They have been saying this for a while. More big hurricanes for the Atlantic predicted this year again. The metorologists have been prediciting this for a while now.
Is God mumbing? probably. God must have a sense of humour to keep this guy spinning and entertaining the rest of the world. I am sure He is giggling everytime Pat opens his mouth.

Pat needs to ask the Lord why he is sending forth storms that lash the coasts of America. Doesn't God do this when the people are bad? Maybe God is angry that the US government is breaking one the ten commandments, thou shall not kill. Maybe they need to slay a few sheep for redemption.

Does anyone actually buy this guys shit? I mean predicting an earthquake/tsunami in the Pacific Northwest and hurricanes in the gulf is like predicting that the sun will rise. Now if he predicted that Maine was going to get smoked by an earthquake and then it happened, I'd send him money. All of my money. I might even steal some to send to him.

Chavez must be releaved now that he's converted from hit man to weather man!

Hey Dan,

I just watched the video. Did you hear him say that there is evidence of earthquakes and volcanoes all around the Pacific? He must have some 50 year-old National Geographics lying around! Apparently giving $20 a month to the 700 club tells the Lord that you care. I guess my $0 per month puts me in the "going to hell 'cuz I just don't care" category. Lead the way, Dante!

Jan, I'm thinkin' that if the Lord is asking for a sacrifice, an all-mouth jerk in a blue suit might just fit the bill.

"Evidence of earthquakes and volcanoes"? Sounds like Pat is listening to one of them godless geologists. He better get ready to close his ears, lest he hear evidence about evolution or timescales.

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