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Seal of Disapproval

Rumor has it that Mrs. M. was discovered in bed with a seal.

Seriously, what do you think? Did she finally succumb to her carnivorous impulses, or was she just not submissive enough? Given her age, perhaps Paul felt that she was displaying insufficient awe at his former Beatle status. I'm looking forward to seeing Sir Pall's picture in the next Oxford English Dictionary, next to the word 'irrelevant'.

At this point, although I miss them both musically, I'm glad that George and John didn't live to be forced to answer stupid questions regarding what their former bass player is up to. I know Ringo's alive, but nobody cared what he thought during the 60's, and they're not going to start now.

There's something ironic about someone like McCartney that invites public attention to sell albums and such and then turn around and blame public attention for the end of their relationship.

"no baby, it's me, it's not you, it's me"

I think the title of this post should be "Seal of Approval" because I am sure I heard, all the way out here in Alberta, a million seals clapping and barking at the spectacle of their separation.

Now Flash, I don't mind you slamming Paul McCartney, but to bring Ringo into this - surely you would not disparage the musical genius behind 'No, No, No, No - I Don't Smoke It No More"?

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