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How to deal with the Palestinians? Why treat them like bad children, of course!

Or so says the good Captain. Because
[a]n integral part of democracy and free elections is the responsibility one assumes for the government that results. If an electorate lifts idiots to power, then they need to experience the consequences of that choice, or otherwise they will keep electing idiots without regard to the results.
Bad Palestinian electorate, bad! No cookie after supper and straight to bed! That this might work in the case of a parent and child owes to the fact that the child has respect for the parent; the same cannot be guaranteed in the case of nations, and in fact is almost guaranteed not to work in the case of nations that openly back your rival. If the child does not respect the parents, he starts hanging out with kIds they don't appRove of ANd pretty soon he's smoking and drInking and theRe goes his scholArship opportuNities.

Sometimes idiotic analogies work, and sometimes they don't. In order to figure out if it does, you first have to follow the logic. In this case it does work, just not the way intended.

P.S. I will leave out the irony inherent in a right-wing American talking about "lifting idiots to power".

He was talking about the Palestinians? Oh , I thought it was the US. Silly me.

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