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Israel, Palestine, and tugging at the right

I'm really not sure what it is about the darker side of the right-wing blogoshpere that draws me like a moth. Whatever it is, I can generally be sure that when someone on some fool place like Little Green Footballs writes (link theirs, emphasis mine):

One of Brandeis’ student newspapers has published a virulently anti-Israel piece by a junior student that is almost beyond belief: Israel must renounce violence, recognize Hamas.
I can be pretty well assured that I am going to agree whole-heartedly with the link. And what, pray tell, is so virulently anti-Israel in the article? It is that the Israeli government, if they actually want peace, will have to aknowledge Hamas and the Palestinian state. Beyond belief! What really is so beyond belief about having to aknowledge the existence, the right to exist, of an adversary with whom you have fought for over thirty years? It is absolutely right for Israel and her allies to demand that Hamas aknowledge the state of Israel, and it is absolutely right for Palestinians to demand that their elected government be accepted internationally. Like any "road to peace", there has to be at least two lanes.

This is of course easy for a putz like me to say - I'm not Jewish, Arabic, or have ever been to that part of the world. I don't know anyone killed by a bus bomb in Tel Aviv or an air strike in Ramallah. I've never had my house or well bulldozed and have never been conscripted into an army to defend my home. I have been blessed with never having been unemployed, I own my own home (well, part of it), and I walk the streets without fear of being attacked. Being, as they say, disinterested, it is easy to say that standard negotiation techniques have to be used, but on an international level this is often complicated. So many people smarter than I have tried to straighten out this mess that to say that I know the solution is not only arrogant, but stupid.

Why can't idiots like these guys at LGF and even the less strident, extreme, and immature blog-circles make the same aknowledgement before the write inflammatory crap? Before they write malicious garbage like this. I won't even more than passingly mention the GI-Joe wannabe "101st Fighting Keyboardists" that have recently "deployed" as they are wont to say. A group of narrow-minded, xenophobic Maxim-reading fools playing soldier-boy on the intergeek would not be noteworthy if they weren't so populous.

I suppose it's the blogging tactics that these guys employ that draw me - take a little bit of information, add a whole pile of emotional "editorial" and press "Rant". Out it goes to the blogline where hundreds of other similarly-minded tell you how clever you are, and pity help anyone that actually sticks their head in with a contrary opinion, as I've done from time to time. You end up getting cursed at a hundred times, derided for believing the MSM and for not reading Fox or Ann Coulter, scratched at by the feeble and the nasty for daring attempt actual debate, and at the end of the day none is any the wiser.

It's fun just to watch the feathers fly.

What I find most amusing (and meaningful) is that Brandeis is a Jewish university!

Oh Kev, you should know full well that these people don't want actual 'discussion' - they just want people to chime in with how brilliant they all are - think of them as a little right wing mutual emotional masturbation society.

For those interested in viewing the images in question:

ArtsCast Nine: Censored Art?

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