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Insensitivity - The Way to Garner Support

I am speechless. The fact that this twit could even be able to rationalize the 'attack on the nation' as not involving actual people absolutely boggles my mind. What is your nation, exactly? A collection of buildings? Spacious skies, amber waves of grain, but no people? Without the people, many of whom, I'm starting to believe, are as appalled as I am, the 'nation' amounts to nothing.
Memorial Day was observed recently in the United States. Under Coulter's rationale, the loss of brave men and women in far-flung places across the world in defense of democracy was not as important as the loss of the U.S.S. Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It's the Nation and it's Possessions that count, don't you see?
The criticism of the widows as 'millionaires' is particularly rich - can we have a look at your Fearless Leader and Vice-Leader's bank balances, please? Coulter makes Cheney look like a model of rhetorical restraint - even taking the rifle into account.
How many of the citizens of the United States are able to tolerate this kind of insulting, patronizing and inhuman rhetoric is beyond me.

Actually, Flash - I think it's more a case of more a case of 'Insensitivity - the Way to Sell Books"

Seriously though, I'm not surprised - Coulter's always been like this, I am however saddened that MSNBC gave her the platform to say this - can't they just leave her to her natural home on Fox News?

She's a fucking sociopath.

As often as I use the term "bat-shit crazy" to describe a certain element at either end of the political spectrum it just doesn't go far enough in her case. She was on CNN yesterday and Lou Dobbs was taking issue with her. That's right, Lou fucking Dobbs. Sociopath only describes some of her problems. Maybe if we can get everyone to ignore her she'll be forced to go away. Or take her lithium and try out that "reasoned, well thought out opinions" thing everyone is talking about

To me, she is little more than a political 'shock jock' who has the sort of 'blame the victim' mentality of Ward Churchill. I agree with Doug, that if we ignored her, she would fade away, but I have to admit, it's hard to look away, like a car or train wreck.

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