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Stay With Me On This...


  1. Fully developed and mature.
  2. Relating to, intended for, or befitting adults: adult education.
  3. Containing or dealing in explicitly sexual material; pornographic: adult movies; adult bookstores.

  1. The act of entertaining.
  2. The art or field of entertaining.
  3. Something that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show.
  4. The pleasure afforded by being entertained; amusement: The comedian performed for our entertainment.
Got all that? Good. Just one more definition to go:


    1. Perceptions associated with stimulation of a sense organ or with a specific body condition: the sensation of heat; a visual sensation.
    2. The faculty to feel or perceive; physical sensibility: The patient has very little sensation left in the right leg.
    3. Indefinite generalized body feelings: a sensation of lightness.
    4. A sleazy strip joint owned by a morally(and financially) bankrupt person who has earned the hatred of an entire community by ruining what used to be a perfectly nice neighborhood and insisting there is some sort of conspiracy against him, and that he's doing nothing wrong. Legally, perhaps not. Morally, clearly yes.
Credit where due: Dictionary.com

Naturally, Jarvis is only trying to buy some time while still keeping his name in the news. As we've seen before, he is known to act as if the law is for other people and this is no exception.

Unfortunately the best thing that could possibly happen for him would be to have the place burn down.

Hey, does anyone know if he's supporting anyone this election? It might be interesting to see where he tries to get bailout money when his house of cards falls in.

Yeah, this guy comes definitely falls under the heading of 'sleaze' - however, I have a question. The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, in a recent editorial, was saying that due to a Supreme Court of Canada decision, Municipalities must allow at least one adult entertainment zone in their boundaries and as this research paper shows, many municipalities in Ontario and Quebec have passed legislation restricting strip clubs to commercial or industrial zones, along with further limiting outdoor signage. So, my question would be: did the municipal government in Halifax do something along these lines, or did they just not do anything and hoped the issue would never come up? If so, don't they share at least some complicity for this mess?

I have not heard of an adult entertainment zone in HRM, so I have to assume that these operations are limited to commercial zones. The creation of a new zone would probably be useful.

Unfortunately, the building on Wyse Rd. that Sensations inhabits is zoned commercial and the regulation of what goes on in there falls under the liquor licensing people.

It is likely that HRM didn't anticipate that anyone would try to run a strip joint, or component thereof, without liquor, thereby circumventing the existing regulations. I am not sure that any government can foresee every possible twist and use of the laws that they pass, so I think that it's a bit harsh to conclude that they are "complicit" in blame.

However, a responsible government will react to the challenge in some way. Your suggestion of creating an adult entertainment zone is a good one if such does not already exist.

Kevvy, you said:

"It is likely that HRM didn't anticipate that anyone would try to run a strip joint, or component thereof, without liquor, thereby circumventing the existing regulation"

Why wouldn't they anticipate that? It's the exact same tactic the strip clubs in New Brunswick have been using for the past 8 years. Doesn't anyone on the municipality government look at what's happening outside their desmesne? OK, I'll agree 'complicit' is too harsh a term, but at the least they were shortsighted.

They were dreadfully shortsighted here.

Interestingly, Mr. Roberts will inevitably back himself into a corner. I received an email from Councillor Smith that the UARB have cited Mr. Jarvis for a couple of violations . One of them is for continuing to have adult entertaimment contrary to the order and the other is with regards to changing the floor plan without permission. HRM is also bringing development violation
charges as well, as Mr. Roberts chose to go ahead and do renovations on the club without a building permit.

Hopefully Mr. Roberts will run out of steam soon. Guess we'll know when he stops driving the Cadillac Escalade ...

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