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Nothing goes down like...

an Argentinian soccer player.

Just watching Mexico and Argentina play a very entertaining soccer match and felt the need to make one comment. Is it just me, or do other people think that Argentinian soccer players do dive training?

I watched the game. On a few occasions players went down in a heap, while the replay showed zero contact. It is somewhat comical to watch players on the ground, seething with pain, only to have them run like the wind after the free kick. The Argentinians are pretty bad, but I must say my Italians are the worst- it is an artform at this point :)

I haven't watched the Italians play this time, but now that you mention it I remember them from previous tournaments being bad for it. Watching them go down at the slightest touch like they'd taken a gunshot to the thigh is outrageous.

They should develop a penalty for it - maybe a pink card. Like with the yellow, two pinks and out you go.

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