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The most sensational den...

Javis Roberts found himself in front of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board again yesterday, defending accusations that he is illegally offering adult entertainment at the controversial Sensations Cabaret in Dartmouth. After having his license stripped last month, he modified the facility so that a second establishment "The Den" could operate in the basement. Upstairs, women would pole dance wearing lingerie while in the basement full-contact lap-dances would occur should appropriate monies change hands. The Den is not licensed to serve alcohol and thereby does not fall under the purview of the URB, so his argument goes.

His lawyer, Eric Slone, maintains that "anything that goes on outside the licensed premises is of no concern to this board." This is an argument designed to both remove The Den from URB decision-making and also to remove concerns of members of the community upset that such an establishment has moved in next door. The URB maintains that they can rule over what happens "on or about" the premises.

For his part, Roberts maintains that all he wants is clarity in the definition of the phrase "adult entertainment" so that he knows what he can and can't get away with, after all he "will not break the law knowingly". Dale Darling, the URB's lawyer suggests that he has a definition, but it is upset that it is one that won't let him do what he wants.

If he "will not knowingly breaking the law", he sure has a history of doing it unkowingly a hell of a lot of times, if his handling of his bus business, or paying his lawyers are any indication.

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