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It looks like the Tories might be getting caught in their own accountability problems. It looks like the Tories did not declare their convention fees two years ago, which amounts to ~$1.75 million in undeclared contributions to the party. John Baird, the minister in charge of the accountability act said that the party simply did not declare convention fees as donations and did not provide tax receipts.

This has bearing on the current leadership situation in the Liberal party, as they are charging $995 for entry into their leadership convention, which I believe is going to be in 2012. Apparently, they are planning justifying this price (which I presume includes free drinks) by making it a tax-deductible donation to the party. Since the new donation limits proposed in the accountability act limit personal donations to $1000, there is obviously a problem.

I am not really familiar with the ins and outs of campaign and party financing, so I will be following this one from the sidelines. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down.

[Update - there are indeed lots of people that know more about this stuff than me on this.]

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