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Politicians still interested in paper route money...

Robert over at myblagh has a post that somehow slipped under my radar on the fate of the suggested amendments to the Federal Accountability Acts that would limit the amount of money that children could donate to political parties. In light of the recent scandal surrounding Joe Volpe and the donations from the children of pharmaceutical bigwigs, one would think that the Liberals and Conservatives, particularly the latter, what with all their talk about accountability and all, would jump at the chance to be the ones to clean this mess up.

Not so.

The NDP member on the committee, Pat Martin, suggests that not only are the Tories to blame for rejecting the clauses, but the Liberals as well, as they submitted them in the first place and as written they would have also restricted donations from university students - which would not have been acceptable to anyone. Not that as a university student I would have had any money (or inclination) to donate to a political party, but I have to aknowledge that some would and they should be allowed. After all, they are allowed to drink, so why not let them piss their money away in a tax-decuctible manner as well?

Robert's entry and the links and comments therein are worth a read.

Personally, I think there is something wrong with any student you donates money to a political party instead of the more important pub party. What is university without the lesson of over indulgence?

You're absolutely right, Robb - such people are not to be trusted.

Yeah - the members of the various Youth Wings always seemed to be eerie Jehovah's Witness types. Funny, I always thought the parties treasured their University student members for the tireless work they performed as volunteers - so nice to know they just love them for their bulging wallets.

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