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More on Sunday shopping...

In the newest act in the ongoing Sunday-shopping saga, Nova Scotia's MacDonald government intends to amend the Retail Business Uniform Closing Act (formerly Lord's Day Act) to state that grocery stores that were not open before June 1 are not allowed to do so now. This arbitrary law, which takes away the (apparent) right for the stores to open as it exists right now and awaits a court challenge, as soon as Sobeys or Superstore attempt it.

Being no fan of the Conservative party, either provincial or federal, I can only feel remorse that silly decisions like this didn't happen during the recent election campaign - it might have turned the very close and otherwise dull affair. This open defense of Pete's Frootique's Sunday-shopping monopoly makes me wonder whether Pete Luckett is a donor to the Conservative Party.

I did my part, yesterday, after running out of cat food.

I have to wonder who Pete Luckett is fellating in order to get this "before June 1st, 2006" exemption. If the Conservatives are serious about making life more inconvenient, they should just completely stamp out any and all exceptions, exemptions, and special priveledge. If the concern is for employees, rather than reactionary churchgoers, then they should disallow movie theatres, smaller stores, manufacturers, film crews, television stations, tourist operators, service stations, and anyone else I can't think of from operating on Sunday.

For those worried about the poor workers being forced to work on Sunday when they should be praying or watching TV, recall that we have labour legislation (separate from the Lord's Day Act - let's call it what it is) which force employers to give people days off. If those labour laws aren't working (or if they favour employers over employees), then perhaps a labour law overhaul is in order.

There is no need for Sunday shopping, it's taking away the rights of the workers.
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