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This post can be read in jig time...

In an effort to make this election campaign interesting in any way possible, aside from allowing the Green Party to participate in the televised debates, Rodney MacDonald is publicly shocked and appalled by a New Democrat ad that he admits he has never seen. The ad, which outlines how in three months MacDonald has managed to be on both sides of the issue of home heating oil HST rebate, tells the viewer that "the jig is up" before fading to black. Apparently, in some parts of the province use of the "j" word is not considered suitable in polite company. It's either that or the premier is upset by the reference that he has changed his mind in an attempt to buy votes with voter money.

Nah, couldn't be!This is stretching it, I'm afraid, Mr. MacDonald.

Geez, it's not like they said "quit fiddling with seniors." That would be offensive. And good thing nobody mentioned flip-flop -- that'd be shot at Nova Scotians of Californian descent.

"Jig" is an unpolite word? Holy making-shit-from-shinola, Batman! Is Rodney trying to ensure that nobody takes him seriously?

I cross-posted this on the elections blog and someone suggested that because it was said with fiddle music playing in the background that made it more, I don't know, 'celtist' or something.

Ya, because those Scots are such a marginalized minority in Nova Scotia. Is everyone crazy here or just me? Because if I'm the one who's crazy, I'd like someone to tell me.

(I'm not calling you crazy, kevvy, but rather any political correctness freaks who actually considered Rodney's comments sans du sel.)

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