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Is this someone conservatives can listen to?

Actually, no, because he makes too much goddamned sense.
Even though companies here in the United States are not subject to Kyoto’s emission caps, U.S. companies that operate in nations complying with the Kyoto Protocol do have to meet those countries’ caps. Until the United States passes its own limits on global warming emissions, innovative companies based here will lose out on opportunities to sell reduced emission credits to companies complying with the Kyoto Protocol overseas. Additionally, without enacting our own emission limits, U.S. companies will lose ground to their competitors in Europe, Canada, Japan, and other countries participating in the Protocol who are developing clean technologies

Where does this quote come from? From the The Nature Conservancy (emphasis mine), whose chairman of the board, Henry Paulson is also CEO of Goldman Sachs Group and is being considered as the new Whitehouse Treasury Secretary.

So not complying with Kyoto is going to cost money and lead to further degradation, and complying with Kyoto is going to cost money and start the process of reversing environmental damage. Which is the smarter course?

For more, go to Think Progress.

Actually, he got named Treasury Secretary today (that makes, what, 3 or 4 Secretaries Bush has had? I can't possibly think of any reason why someone doesn't want the job of implementing George's economic brilliance)

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