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Joe Volpe: the Ben Johnson of the Liberal leadership race?

It looks like Joe Volpe's leadership campaign might be on steroids and Pat Martin of the NDP might be administering the pee test. If the allegations prove out, several high-ranking officials of Apotex, the drug manufacturer and their children, each donated the maximum amount allowable by Elections Canada law.

Are we going to see Mr. Volpe make the decision that it's better to spend more time on constituents' issues soon, I wonder?

pat martin might be right????did i read u right?????explain what J. Volpe did wrong. look into it before u judge, ur falling for the games of the ndp consie alliance....

Actually, anonymous, I did not say that Martin was right, I wrote "if the allegations prove out..." See the difference?

so, u did knot reed me rite.

As for what he did wrong - the names of donors is a matter of public record, and it appears that maybe teenage kids (if you cared to read the article I linked to) of various high-ranking officials of Apotex made $5,400 donations to Volpe's campaign, which does seem strange.

Let's get a couple of things straight here.

1. Volpe never denied that children donated to his leadership campaign so we have to assume they did.

2. The law states that a candidate cannot circumvent the law in any way. If this isn't circumventing the law I don't know what is.

So anonymous, what part of the law don't you understand?

Gentlemen, gentlemen - whence comes such cynicism? Do you not remember being teenagers? Can there be any doubt that any teenager finding himself in possession of $5,400 would immediately think of donating it to a politician without a second's thought of how many two four's (or ahem - ounces) this would buy?

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