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Not Lovin' It...

This morning, I found an interesting New York Times article, describing a riot at a Chinese factory which makes toys for McDonald's.

Perhaps now we will have 'Unhappy Meals'?
'Labour Unrest Shakes'?
'Starvation Wage Burgers'?
'Chicken Nuggets O' Dignity'?

Somehow, I don't think the marketing department at Mickie D's will go for it.

Don't forget the newest dairy sensation the McFury!

The rights groups accused the factory of violating Chinese labor laws, including provisions limiting overtime to 36 hours a month. Instead, the group said, total overtime per worker can reach 70 hours a month, and workers can have their pay deducted if they refuse to work the extra hours. Workers earn $71.75 a month, the minimum wage in Dongguan, but also pay a quarter of their earnings for room and board, the group said.

They really should start calling these people indentured servants rather than simply 'workers'.

Good one Kevvy! I suddenly went dry after four items, but additions to the list are welcomed and encouraged!

Briguy, I hear you, things like this should illustrate how even the most inane actions on our part, like eating fast food, effects people in far-flung corners of the world. Unfortunately, most of the world continues chewing in a fat-filled haze of ignorance.

Don't forget the McWhippin' and the Flay'o'Staff

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