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Far and Wide: Finally We Agree -- within limits

I couldn't agree more with SteveV: Far and Wide: Finally We Agree.

But having said that, let's not get too crazy. I back the idea of allowing the use of the dangerous offender act in repeat sexual offenders, and frankly I'm surprised it's not in use already, but I don't think we should be going too far down this road. On local radio the last couple of days I've heard calls for publicizing the sexual offenders list and I can't help but think that vigilante "justice" wouldn't be too far behind. In these heated political times, would not put it past any political party to run this kind of issue too far for political points.

If these people can't be trusted on release, then please, for all our sakes, let's find a way to keep them locked up.

We haven't given victims enough say in the release of convicted criminals. We've gone to a point where the victim's rights mean less than the "right" of the criminal to walk free. This is a small world now, where a victim [or their family] doesn't feel safe just because the rapist/murderer/whatever is living on the other side of the city or country. The Internet or phone can put a kook's threats in your living room at the click of a button. It may not be an option to hang criminals, but we sure shouldn't let people out who are deemed likely by both the victim and the justice system to reoffend.

I couldn't agree more, but we don't want to go too far with this. Some people make stupid mistakes, learn their lessons, and then can live peacefully after prison. We have to be carefull that we don't destroy their chances.

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